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We all dream of a life where we’re more fit and productive: We wake up sooner, we eat healthy, we work out more frequently and get more things done during the day without suffering from any chronic pains or poor health conditions. But few of you actually live it.
You do your best to make that vision a reality: you follow diets, you embrace workout programs, but after a brief time period you find yourself falling back into the same negative routines.
Change is hard, and no matter how much you hate to admit it, you enjoy the comfort those old customs offer you; you love how they don’t require any attempts or additional energy. But later the guilt comes in. You start feeling ashamed of the bad choices you made. You lose hope and maybe you even try to convince yourself that it is too late for you and that you are simply not meant for the lifestyle you desire. Old habits are hard to kill.
The way to get over that? It all starts in your head. Rewiring your mind to shift the attention from hating the negative patterns to developing new healthy ones is the ultimate way to drastic change. To have a healthy lifestyle, you must first develop the ideal mindset for it.
Fortunately, we assembled for you now 4 strategies that are guaranteed to teach you exactly how to master your mindset and create a change that lasts forever.
Just. Get. Started. The effect of taking baby steps will compound and make you take bigger ones. Be disciplined and stay determined. Don’t wait for motivation to knock at your door. Do it anyways, even on the days you don’t feel like it. And what is one of the best ways to get moving? That’s by following The 5 Second Rule:
” If you have an impulse to act on a target, you must physically move within 5 minutes or your mind will kill the thought (… ) Because when you physically move, your mind starts to build new habits (… ) You’re in the act of building new habits and erasing existing ones.”
This rule, stated by the author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins, is a form of metacognition that allows you overcome the tricks your mind plays to divert you, by turning in your prefrontal cortex. The neuroscientist and researcher at Yale University Amy Arnsten explains the 5-4-3-2-1-Go! Countdown activates that brain area accountable for planning and decision-making. These goals can help you create sustainable habits.
Understand How Habits Work. Habits are formed via a very simple, yet very strong series of actions Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Charles Duhigg calls: The Loop. In his book The Power Of Habit, he states:
” First, there’s a cue, a cause that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use. Then there is the routine, which can be physical or mental or psychological. Finally, there is a reward, which helps your brain figure out if this specific loop is Worth remembering for the future. The cue and reward become intertwined until a powerful sense of craving and anticipation emerges.”
This means that in the event you want to change your habits, you have to follow the exact principles that made them. First, begin by identifying the negative habits you have. Identify the trigger behind them, the behaviour that follows along with the reward you are feeling. Then, try to implement a healthy behavior to which you accord the same trigger and reward. Remind yourself more frequently of the reward and repeat this loop until the old habit is erased and the healthy one becomes ingrained in your routine. And last, be patient.
Keep your eye on the progress you’re making. Use a calendar and mark the days you adhere to the nutritious habits, this trick will not just inform you on the days you’re making a progress, it will also inspire you not the break the chain. But in case you miss a day where you don’t perform the healthy habit, don’t quit. Missing one day will have no effect on your long term outcomes.
Enjoy The Procedure. All of us know that change is hard, but by rewarding yourself and celebrating each small victory, you’ll find yourself more likely to stick with the healthy behavior. Acknowledge your accomplishments and find happiness from the healthy lifestyle you are now living, for it’s the greatest way to make it last forever. And bear in mind, it’s never too late to live the life you want!
I’m Migo Salinas and when I was 54, I was so out of shape that I really suffered heart failure, fortunately I survived! I decided to get the most out of my second chance learning exactly what I was doing (and not doing) which led to my poor health. I always applied what I had been learning and now at age 59 I look and feel better than I did even back in my 30’s and 40’s.

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