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While both men and women are emotional beings, it may, on occasion, appear as though some guys aren’t. It would not be right to say that this only applies to men, though, as some girls can be just as disconnected.
Nonetheless, when a guy comes across in this way, it can show that he’s strongly identified with his mind. Operating from here will let him experience a reasonable amount of control over how he feels.
If a sense comes up that causes him to feel uncomfortable, he could soon wind up pushing it down. Feelings such as this could be observed in the same way a gardener sees weeds, with them needing be removed straight away.
The ordered and rational part of him, well then take care of the unstructured and irrational part of him. This can be seen as something that will allow him to think straight and not to act in ways that are destructive.
A Strong Reaction
If he was to come across someone who is acting emotional, he might wind up judging their behaviour. This individual can be seen as being weak and lacking what is takes to control themselves.
Their criticism may be even more acute if they were to encounter another guy who acts in this way. This man could be viewed as someone who wants to pull themselves together.
A Break Up
Let’s say he was to encounter a man who is in a lot of pain due to having recently broken up with his partner. This may be a time when he tells the guy that there are plenty of girls out there and that he shouldn’t be so upset.
According to this man, the key is going to be for him to simply get his thoughts straight and, once this takes place, he will no longer be upset. Said another way, his emotions will only be out of control because his mind is out of control.
A Simple Procedure
It is then not going to matter if this man is feeling sad or even experiences suicidal thoughts, as changing what’s going on in his mind will solve everything. What this man may also advocate is that he focuses on other areas of his life.
1 thought he could put forward is that by lifting heavy weights, it will allow him to’get over’ his ex. Physical force, along with mental force, then, will be like a magic wand that will find this man back on track.
The Identical Approach
This could show is that this man behaves in the same way whenever he has undergone a break up. Embracing the way he felt afterwards would most likely have been viewed as being a sign of weakness and a complete waste of time.
Feeling sad and down might have been seen as a indication of self-pity and thereby, having no benefit to his life.
The Power of Focus
He is likely to think that his mind is in control of how he feels, so controlling his ideas will be is what’s enabled him to master his feelings. Not embracing how he believes is then not likely to mean that he is repressing how he feels; it’s just that he’s not getting caught up in the way he feels.
And, if his head isn’t right, he might soon wind up coming into contact with his negative feelings.
The Dominator Model
In precisely the same way that nature is often seen as something that needs to be dominated, his emotions will be seen in precisely the same way. Embracing how he believes is subsequently not part of being strong; this can only occur by resisting the way he feels.
The alternative is for the man to be able to adopt how he feels, without getting caught up in how he feels. When this occurs, he will be containing his emotional experience, neither repressing not venting his emotions.
This will enable his mind and his body to work together, which will allow him to operate as an entire human being. What this will let him see is that while his ideas can affect how he feels, what’s taking place in his mind can only trigger the feelings which are already in his body.
As a result of this, changing is thoughts or lifting weights, for instance, is not likely to take care of his emotions if he’s in a great deal of pain after a break up.
Real Strength
1 way that he may have the ability to let go of this pain is by yelling it out. This will be a time when he’ll surrender to how he feels instead of attempting to change how he feels through force or willpower.
Surrendering to how he feels will be a female approach, but it will take great strength to do this. Attempting to change how he feels, on the other hand, would be a masculine approach, but this could be a defence that he utilises because he is not able to confront how he feels.
Taking all this into consideration, it would be accurate to say that it takes a whole lot of inner strength for a man to face how he feels, with this being something that takes a reasonable amount of presence.
If a man hasn’t developed this existence and can only deal with his emotions by avoiding them, he might want to reach out for outside support. Through working with a therapist or a healer, for instance, and working through his pain, he’ll gradually develop the ability to be with how he feels and to feel comfortable enough to reach out when this isn’t feasible.
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